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Some idiot (me) has mentioned doing Route 66, to my mates and they are up for it. So some idiot(me) has be tasked with looking into it. 
So I thought I'd drop a post on here for recommendations for a company to use and how long to go for, I personally think 2 weeks isn't going to cut it. My sister lives in California so probably start there, and my mate, how serious he is don't know but is talking about buying something and using that for the trip. Suppose sister could help with that.
Any help would be appreciated .


Paul S,


  • Sue Wright has traversed a lot of the USA, hoping she might help with this.
  • Hi Fergal,

    We've done Route 66 from mile 0 Chicago to The End on the Pier in Santa Monica.

    Great company to help you is Complete Northern America, Do a door to door experience if that's what you want:

    No 2 weeks is definitely not long enough we took 3 weeks and still didn't see everything we wanted. I'd say ideally 2 months but who's got that long. One day maybe.

    I did a write up about it in the club mag over about 3 issues a few years back.

    It's a great trip and needs to be done now as more and more of it is being lost. One stop I would definitely recommend is Williams AZ. You can catch the train to the Grand Canyon from there, great experience, and there's a great burger café the called Cruiser Café.

    Get it booked and's too short

  • Thanks for the info. Yeah life to short.

  • You don't need a company to do it - all you need is an American road atlas and some commonsense. Realistically three weeks is a sensible idea - we did it in ten days and 451 miles from Williams Az to San Bernadino Ca was the killer!  PM me for more info
  • Will do, 
  • Route 66 is over 4500 miles. How did you do that in 10 days and see anything. I drove it in 3 weeks and didn't see it all.

    Yes you can do it yourself and that is how I usually do all our road trips but 66 isn't on all the maps and pieces are disappearing every week, just nice to have an update from a company that knows.

    I did plan our route and places we definitely wanted to see, but we wanted to stay in authentic Route 66 motels etc.  Complete Northern America helped me know which were the authentic places and also told me about things I hadn't heard of. Some of the places we visited on our 1st trip we found had disappeared when we visited again.

    Have you got a copy of my story about our trip? Might give you some ideas, I can email you it if you'd like.

  • "Route 66 is over 4500 miles. How did you do that in 10 days and see anything. I drove it in 3 weeks and didn't see it all."

    Bugatti Veyron?   :)


  •  Hahaha, De Loren time machine

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