Waze motoring app

Just thought I would inform everyone about this new App for your phone if they don't know, pretty sure it's Google backed. I'm in the motor industry and I was informed about this by a American Auto publication I was sent.
It's basically a SAT NAV app for your phone, but it's one that you can use all the time even if you know where you going, will use data, but I've been using for a while and it's not that much. Does the usual Sat Nav stuff but with this, there's loads of other useful stuff, like journey planning, you can work out what time to leave somewhere to get to your destination and it will work out when to leave considering the traffic on the way then let you know when to leave, which it can calculate as it's live, it will also re-route if there is an incident or traffic enroute due to it being live. It also tells you about nasty things at the side of the road; other Waze users can do live updates on stuff they encounter enroute which is then displayed to you if you are on that route, accidents, broken down vehicles and mobile nasty things. Even if your not driving you can still input stuff and it will put that on the system with it's GPS location. One great thing is it knows the speed that you are doing and the speed of the road you are on and will let you know where you are as regards speed, which is good if you are in unfamiliar territory and there's no speed limit signs.  If your forgetful it will remember your parking spot and allow you to take a photograph of where you left it just in case. 
I use it even going back and to, to work just to be on the safe side, and it re-routed me the other day due to issue up ahead. Only downside is if data transmission drops off or GPS is iffy. But I haven't had many issues.
If  you've got an old wooden phone, this is worth updating for. They can't hide anymore so the more on there the better. 

Paul S. 


  • One major for me is I can move it between cars, so I can even use it in the old motors. 
  • Sounds good, goggle maps is pretty good but this sounds bomb proof. Wonder if it would work in USA. Thanks
  • I think that's where it's from my sister lives out there and she's got it. You would need data though.  I think some cars come with it built in over there. 
  • Yes they do but you have to pay a huge amount to use it on a rental car.
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