Chrysler LeBaron indicator problem

Desperate for help! looking for someone to repair the right turn indicator on my LeBaron.

Have tried local garages but they don't want to know.

Please contact me on 07944 123681 if you can help. Thank-you


  • Not really a good idea to leave your number on an open forum but that's up to you.

    Or change it to a Private Message.

  • Thanks for the advice but how do I delete/change it???????
  • I know that a lot of people say that, but what's the problem really? You see phone numbers everywhere. Mine's in the magazine for example, and I haven't had any trouble.
  • Its google bots and the like Hugh, they harvest webpage details often e-mail addresses etc, then there's nuisance phone calls, just more of your private details.

    I can leave it like that or change it, I don't mind as its not mine. ;)

  • Thanks very much but what about the indicator??
  • Without giving your address, what area are you in?
  • Not far from Barton Airport 
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