chrome clad wheels

hi can anyone tell me where i can get chrome clad wheels balanced as most high street tyre companies dont have correct flange that avoids damage to chrome, i live in colwyn bay


  • Hugh might help there, our Chairman lives over that way. ;)
  • Well, I've got chrome clad wheels on my 2015 Lincoln MKX, (by that, I mean that they are a chrome finish on an alloy face, bonded to the wheel behind).  However, I haven't needed to have them balanced, but I would expect that some sort of stick on weight on the inner side of the wheel would work.

    What car do you have? 

  • Try Buckley Tyre Services, 01244 544575 (North East Wales). They are more specialist than most. They also have one of the American
    road force balancing machines for rotating the tyre to its best position on the wheel for a smoother ride.  They are about 30 miles from Colwyn Bay though. 
  • thanks for info , my car is jeep grand cherokee wj . i have found a guy that has the right flange in wrexham . from what iv'e read on internet the normal cone that is used to clamp wheel to machine will break the chrome  as it is just chrome plastic bonded to the wheel and can't be replaced if broken .. this flange fits from the back of wheel and has lugs like wheel studs and you can bolt onto it with normal wheel nuts . i am trying these clad wheels as the chrome wheels i've had on for quite a few years has started to flake of quite bad . must be all the salt etc here .
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